RADS - Frequently Asked Questions

Find out answers to important questions about the Regional Airports Development Scheme.

  When can I apply for funding?

Applications for the 2023-25 RADS funding round opened on Monday 19 August and will close on Friday 23 September 2022. Future submissions for RADS grant rounds will be advertised publicly.

  How will I know if my application was successful?

Both successful and unsuccessful applicants are notified in writing and successful projects are listed on the website when available.

  The website lists my project as being successful for funding, what do I do?

Successful applicants receive a letter offering a grant and detailing the next steps to take. If you have not received the letter, please contact the Aviation Team.

  My organisation does not currently meet the eligibility criteria to apply for RADS funding, can I still send an application?

Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria are generally not accepted. Please contact the Aviation Team if you have any concerns.

My airport maintenance works are funded by the Department of Communities’ Remote Essential and Municipal Services (REMS) Program, can still I apply?

Maintenance works undertaken at Aboriginal community airstrips funded through the REMS program are considered ineligible for RADS funding. You may still apply for proposed works that are not covered under any other agreement. Please contact the Aviation Team for advice.

  My proposed project does not fall under any of the categories listed in the eligible projects list. Can I still apply for funding?

Yes. You will need to clearly demonstrate how it will improve regional air services, and air safety for the benefit of regional communities.

  I have missed the deadline to send my application. Can I still apply for funding?

Please contact the Aviation Policy team to discuss your circumstances.

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  I have obtained funding from another organisation. Can this be my financial contribution to the project?

It is generally expected that the applicant will fund 50% of the eligible estimated total cost. Should you secure funds from another State or Commonwealth agency you are required to notify the DoT as soon as possible. If any third-party funding is successfully sourced, the total amount of your RADS grant may be reduced.

  My organisation does not have sufficient funds to financially contribute to the project. Can I still apply for funding?

RADS funding for more than 50% of the eligible estimated total cost is generally only approved when the organisation can demonstrate lack of available funds for the project. Strong justification as to why more than 50% funds are required must be included in your application.

  My project will take over 24 months to complete. Can I apply for RADS funding?

Yes. Whilst most projects should be completed within 24 months, some larger projects will necessitate more time. In such cases, please contact the RADS team prior to submitting your application.

  The project is running late. Do I need to advise the Department of Transport?

Yes. If you encounter delays which will impact on your schedule, you must inform DoT as soon as possible.

  Can my grant be paid out before I start the works?

No, works must be completed before the RADS grant is paid. Grantees must not commence work on or order any good or services, associated with their RADS project until after the funding deed is executed (signed by both parties).

  I have designed my own sign, do I still need to erect the RADS sign that you sent?

Yes. The RADS sign must be erected at a prominent airport location.

  I have finished my project. How do I claim my grant?

Information on how to claim your grant is available in the 'A Guide to Managing your Grant' brochure (refer to Managing your grant). This brochure, containing templates to assist grantees with the administrative requirements associated with their RADS grants, will be sent to successful grantees together with their funding deeds.

  My project was completed before the agreed date. Can I claim my grant now?

Yes. Refer to the 'A Guide to Managing your Grant' brochure under Managing your grant.

  The project scope that was approved needs to change. Can I still claim my grant?

If your project scope requires amendment, you must advise the Aviation Team immediately to seek approval to amend your RADS funding deed.

  I have spent less than expected. Can I still be paid the full grant amount?

No. Grant payment is determined by the amount of money actually spent by the grant recipient. Refer to your RADS Funding Deed for terms of payment.

  My organisation has provided some in-kind work. Can I claim overheads and mark-ups?

No. For a full list of items not eligible for funding please refer to the RADS guidelines brochure.

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