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Provides access to vehicle safety and standards regulations, rules, information bulletins, vehicle standards bulletins, circulars to industry, codes of practice, and Australian Design Rules.

  Australian Design Rules (ADRs)

ADRs provide the information required for manufacturers of new vehicles, including passenger cars, buses, trucks and trailers.

The Australian Government's Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development administer these rules under the Motor Vehicles Standards Act 1989 in consultation with other Australian Jurisdictions, principal industry organisations, and user groups.

The Australian Vehicle Standards Rules are based on the Australian Design Rules and provide the framework for in-service standards. The National Transport Commission developed this model legislation in consultation with Australian Jurisdictions, which have all implemented these regulations.

Various Australian and International Standards are also covered in the Australian Design Rules and Australian Vehicle Standards Rules.

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We administer the State's vehicle regulations:

Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014 which provide for:

  • Compliance notices, exemptions, permits and notices for heavy restricted access vehicles. They also contain provisions for mass and loading, load restraints, vehicle modifications and vehicle maintenance.
  • Specific requirements for vehicles, including dimensions, braking, lighting and emissions - all of which must conform to the Australian Design Rules (as at the date of manufacture of the vehicle).

Part 5 (sections 5.4 - 5.8) of our Drive Safe publication provides general safety information on regulations for:

  • Your car.
  • Your motorcycle.
  • Your trailer or caravan.
  • Towing another vehicle.
  • Horse and animal traffic.
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  Condition codes

Condition Codes apply to vehicles that do not comply with the VSRs. Their use is restricted in order to comply with requirements for issue of a concession licence.

Where a vehicle has been inspected and does not comply with the VSRs, the appropriate conditions will be endorsed on the licence for the vehicle.

  Vehicle classes

The different classes and descriptions of the vehicles within those classes are shown below. For classes of vehicles you are allowed to drive, please view the vehicle classes.

Code Description
A A normal vehicle complying with the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014.
B Vehicles not complying in some particular way with the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014 that may only be licensed subject to conditions governing their use. These conditions must be added to the licence record and endorsed on the licence document.
C Chief Executive Officer approval may be required prior to licensing. Relevant conditions to be endorsed on the licence form.
D Driving Instructor's vehicle (subject to annual inspection).
P Passenger Vehicle Omnibus (subject to annual inspection) and Hire or Drive buses (subject to annual inspection).

  Vehicle safety and standards publications and forms

The Department produces a range of documents related to vehicle safety and standards in Western Australia. Please select from the following links to the My resources section:

  Vehicle Standards Bulletins (VSB): Commonwealth

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development Vehicle Standards Bulletins series provide information on the design, manufacture, sale, modification, maintenance, import and repair of road vehicles.

  • VSB 1 - Building small trailers.
  • VSB 2 - Maximum road speed limiting for heavy trucks and buses.
  • VSB 3 - Vehicle safety recalls.
  • VSB 4 - Steering conversions for left hand drive vehicles.
  • VSB 5A - Commercial manufacture and installation of additional seats.
  • VSB 5B - Construction and installation of additional seats by individuals.
  • VSB 6 - Heavy vehicle modifications.
  • VSB 7A - Design parameters necessary for compliance with ADR 59/00 Part A.
  • VSB 7B - Design parameters necessary for compliance with ADR 59/00 Part B.
  • VSB 10 - Importing vehicles to Australia.
  • VSB 11 - Certification of road-friendly suspensions.
  • VSB 12 - Rear marking plates.
  • VSB 14 - National code of practice for light vehicle construction and modification (NCOP).

You can download the Vehicle Standards Bulletins from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development website.

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