Drummond Cove improvements

Find out more about the Drummond Cove coastal protection and boat launching facility investigations.

Drummond Cove is a coastal town located 12 kilometres north of Geraldton, in the City of Greater Geraldton.

In 2019 Drummond Cove was identified as one of WA’s 55 coastal erosion hotspots at risk within the next 25 years.

The project aims to investigate and implement measures for coastal erosion protection, improve recreational facilities, and enhance boat launching facilities. 

The outcomes will benefit the community by preserving the coastline and making it a place the community can enjoy.

Project background

The Department of Transport (DoT) is assisting the City of Greater Geraldton to investigate options to improve the recreational and boat launching facilities, and coastal erosion protection at Drummond Cove. In 2021, the State Government allocated $3.2 million in funding to the project.

While there is community support for improved facilities at Drummond Cove, there needs to be careful examination of the potential impact of the introduction of a formal launch ramp to the coastline. DoT has identified that a formalised boating facility at Drummond Cove could potentially exacerbate erosion issues and now detailed work is underway to learn more about the coastal processes in the area.

Project timeline

2019: Drummond Cove identified as a coastal erosion hotspot

2021: State Government allocates $3.2 million in funding

2021-2023: Background investigations, surveys and data collection studies undertaken by DoT using internal recurrent funding

Mid-2023: Drummond Cove Recreational Boating Facility and Foreshore Protection Study commences

Early 2024: Evaluate options for coastal protection and recreation

Next steps: Completion of investigations and share final options with the community.

Community and environmental consultations

DoT has conducted a number of consultations and surveys including:

Community Consultation

  • Community survey: In May 2022 the City of Greater Geraldton partnered with the Drummond Cove Progress Association and undertook a community survey confirming there is support for a boat launching facility at this location. 
  • DoT has consulted with the Drummond Cove Progress Association.

Engineering Surveys and Data Collection:

  • feature and underground services survey
  • hydrographic surveys
  • oceanographic data collection.

Environmental Surveys:

  • flora and fauna survey
  • benthic communities and habitat assessments
  • water and sediment quality assessments
  • wrack monitoring via installed time lapse cameras.
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