Bulk Licensing Scheme

Find out how vehicle dealers can apply to join the bulk licensing scheme.

The Bulk Licensing Scheme provides dealers with permission to certify the accuracy of information submitted and the fitness of standard motor vehicles or trailers for licensing purposes without the need for a vehicle inspection.

The scheme is available to approved dealerships for:

  • standard vehicles
  • standard vehicles with some manufacturer’s options
  • vehicles subject to modifications that do not require Chief Executive Officer approval (for example cab-chassis light vehicles)

How to join the scheme

To apply to join the Bulk Licensing Scheme, you must complete a Bulk Licensing Nomination/ Permit (E177) form (below).

Submit the completed form via:

Add or remove an authorised representative to your permit

To add or remove an authorised representative to the bulk licensing permit, you must submit a new Bulk Licensing Nomination/ Permit (E177) form, listing all current and proposed authorised representatives and manufacturers.

You can submit the form via:

If you want to authorise 6 or more persons under the permit, you must submit an additional form.

Only people listed on the Bulk Licensing Nomination/ Permit (E177) form are authorised to complete and sign an Application for Bulk Licensing (VL1A) form.

Duties of an authorised representative

An authorised representative or agent is required to verify the accuracy of the details on the Bulk licensing: Application for Bulk Licensing form (VL1A) , in particular:

  • the VIN on the VL1A form matches the VIN on the vehicle
  • that the correct number plates have been allocated and will be attached to the vehicle
  • if the vehicle is a trailer, a VSB1 trailer plate has been affixed by an authorised installer
  • if the vehicle is a cab-chassis, a VSB6 compliance plate or a second stage manufacturer’s plate has been affixed by an authorised installer.

Learn more

Complete the bulk licensing online course to find out more about the scheme.

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