Passenger safety

Safety tips for transport passengers. Information about driver licensing requirements, driver identification and taxi security cameras is available here.

  Licensing requirements

The Department of Transport requires both the vehicle you travel in and the driver to be fully licensed. This ensures our safety standards are met and that your driver is legally able to operate a taxi, charter vehicle or regular passenger transport vehicle e.g. a bus on a regular public transport route or an airport shuttle bus for hire and reward.  

  Safety tips for passengers

For your personal security, here are a number of safety tips to be aware of when catching a taxi, charter vehicle or Regular Passenger Transport:

  • Check the driver's identification picture matches the driver.
  • Ensure the vehicle's number plate matches that provided by the booking app.
  • Record the driver's identification details, including name and number plate.
  • Note the date, time and location you were picked up.
  • Make every effort to catch a taxi at a taxi rank.
  • Share your booking details with friends or family via the booking app.

  Security cameras and your safety

Taxis operating in the Perth Metropolitan area have security cameras installed that record audio and visual footage.

Some charter vehicle operators may offer this service. For details, please contact the operator or dispatch service provider directly. It is an offence to interfere with a taxi camera unit.


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