Sharing paths and roads

We want to make sure it is easy, safe and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities to share our paths, streets and roads whenever they walk, wheel, ride or drive a vehicle.

Whatever mode of transport you choose, it’s important to know what everyone can and can’t do so we can all share our transport network together safely. For example, did you know that bike riders can legally ride on footpaths in WA?

The Road Safety Commission has put together the below short video which gives a quick snapshot on how to share paths and roads. 


Riding a bike or eRideable?

When you're riding a bike, eRideable or other device, it's important to ride responsibly, know the rules for sharing roads and paths, and be mindful and respectful of other path users.

The Road Safety Commission provides a list of rules for riding a bike on the road and also sharing paths and footpaths.

They have also developed a list of rules and considerations for people on eRideables to share roads, where legally allowed, and paths with others.

Sharing the road when driving

With increasing numbers of people choosing to walk, wheel and ride on our paths and roads, it’s important for everyone to understand and be mindful of the rights of others.

Information about sharing the road with people walking and riding is available on the Main Roads WA website. The Road Safety Commission also provides information and advice so that everyone takes a shared responsibility on our roads to arrive safely at our destination.  

Sharing safe active streets

Developed in partnership with local government, safe active streets are specifically treated local streets allowing for a safer shared street space for people walking, wheeling, riding and driving. Find out how to navigate a safe active street.

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