Mooring regulation streamline review

In 2014 the Department of Transport (DoT) commenced the Mooring Regulation Streamline Review to improve the way moorings are managed in WA.

Amendments to the Mooring Regulations 1998 have been implemented following a comprehensive 2 year engagement with key stakeholders and 2 rounds of public consultation.

The introduction of the changes marked the completion of the largest review of mooring regulations undertaken in Western Australia in more than two decades.

There will be significant improvements in the management of moorings in WA including the introduction of an ‘opt-in’ Shared Use Mooring System to enhance access to moorings and boost usage in popular locations. The changes also allow DoT to provide rental moorings for the short-term storage for vessel owners and the establishment of waitlists for mooring control areas that have reached capacity such as the Swan Canning Riverpark which will see a fairer and more equitable allocation of moorings.

The Mooring Regulation Streamline Review 2014-16 provides an overview of the review process, the outcomes and information on the implementation process.

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