Grant guidelines

Grant applications for 2023 are now closed.

To understand how we award the recipients, please see the below selection criteria. 

WA Bike Month objectives

All grant applications will be assessed by an industry panel led by WestCycle, in relation to how the proposed event intends to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  1. Promote and encourage bike riding for transport, fun and a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Increase awareness and use of new and existing bike infrastructure, bike routes (i.e. the cycle network) and local facilities you can get to by bike.
  3. Encourage new, novice and rusty riders of all ages and abilities to go for a bike ride.

Funding categories

In 2023 the grants program for WA Bike Month will offer funding in the following three categories:

1. Major – up to $7,000

The Major grant category is for organisations or groups applying to host a large-scale flagship bike riding event that is open to the public, actively encourages people to cycle and supports new and novice riders. The anticipated attendance at these events would be between 100 and 500 people.

Grant funding must only be used on approved items per the eligibility criteria. It is anticipated that two Major grants will be awarded, one metropolitan based, and one regionally located.

2. Local – up to $2,000

The Local grant category is for organisations or groups applying to host a bike riding event that is open to the public, actively encourages people to cycle and supports new or novice riders. The anticipated attendance at these events would be between 50 and 100 people.

Grant funding must only be used on approved items per the eligibility criteria.

3. Minor – up to $500

The Minor grant category is for organisations or groups including schools and workplaces to host small events for a confined or private audience.

Grant funding must only be used to purchase items or prizes from local WA businesses and bike shops, or other relevant business (such as bike related gift vouchers).


All grant recipients will be required to utilise the promotional material that will be made available via the downloads section. A range of templates will be available including pre-approved and ‘open’ templates, the latter of which will allow recipients to include their own design. Please note that WestCycle, via, must approve ‘open’ templates and these must be submitted for review two weeks prior (minimum) to your event date. WestCycle will also provide general guidance on use of these materials, including logos and badging rules.

Further, it is recommended that recipients of Major and Local grants allocate at least 10 per cent of their overall budget to promoting their event. This can include, but is not limited to, paid social media and online advertising, and printing and distribution of posters and flyers.

It is recommended event organisers who have received a Major or Local grant register their event by creating a Facebook event page and inviting @WaBikeMonth to co-host this page. If you are unable to create a Facebook event through your organisation's account, we can help to create one on your behalf. This will allow the WA Bike Month team to help promote your event to a wider audience.

Where appropriate, WestCycle may also promote your event through the WA Bike Month newsletter and social media platforms. Other promotional opportunities available to WestCycle will be utilised if appropriate for your event, such as contacting local media.

There are requirements for event promotions to include suitable acknowledgements. Please also see the ‘Acknowledgment and use of logos’ section.


To be eligible to for a WA Bike Month grant, applicants and applications must meet the following criteria and the approved and not approved items listed in this section.

Eligible Ineligible
Local government authorities Individuals
Schools Political organisations
Workplaces State Government agencies
Tertiary education institutions  
Parents and Citizens' (P&C) Associations  
Community groups  
Bike groups  
For-profit and not-for-profit organisations  

Examples of approved items

  • Local bicycle services, including but not limited to bike hire, bike valet parking, bike mechanic services, bike education, and guided rides
  • Bicycle equipment hire
  • Food and beverages, preferably purchased from local businesses (also see note below)
  • Promotion and advertising; Major and Local event grants should allocate at least 10% of their overall budget to promoting their event

Grant funding may also be used on the following items, ensuring there is a clear connection to the Bike Month objectives:

  • Food and beverage allocation, capped at $10 per head
  • Entry fees required to cover event costs, capped at $10 per head
  • Entertainment and other promotional items
  • Merchandise that facilitates bike riding, preferably purchased from WA-based businesses

Grant funding must not be used for:

  • Fundraising events
  • For-profit events
  • Professional development seminars and workshops
  • Conference attendance or travel requests
  • Individual endurance rides, competitive bike events, or spin classes
  • Gift vouchers and prizes from non-WA based businesses
  • Infrastructure or assets, including sporting team apparel or sporting equipment
  • Internal / organisational project management or administration costs (overheads), including staff wages, in-house office supplies and printing, utilities etc.
  • Events outside WA
  • Events planned to take place outside of Bike Month (e.g. not between 1-31 October 2022)

Application process

How to apply

Grant applications for WA Bike Month 2023 are now closed.

Key dates


Applications close 5.00 pm, Friday 30 June 2023
Applicants notified of success August 2023
Event completion date On or prior to 31 October 2023
Acquittal due date 5.00 pm, Friday 24 November 2023
Payment period December 2023

Decision making

All grant applications will be assessed by an industry panel led by WestCycle and referred to DoT for review. Grant applications that are recommended for funding will be approved by DoT’s Executive Director Urban Mobility.

Assessment criteria and weightings

Each application will be assessed against three criteria which will be scored on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is not meeting the criteria and 5 is exceeding the criteria. 

Weightings will be applied as per the following table.

Criteria Detail Weightings
Alignment to WA Bike Month objectives
  • Proposed event must achieve one or more objective
  • Outline how each identified objective will be addressed by the proposed event
Event planning and promotion
  • Describe the steps you will take to plan for a successful event
  • Describe the plan to promote attendance at the proposed event
Value for money
  • Grant category selected 
  • Amount of funding requested
  • Services and items to be purchased with funding
  • For Major grants only - Detailed description of the proposed use of funds for the event itself

Grant agreement contract

All successful grant recipients are required to:

Grant funding will be provided to successful grant recipients in one lump sum on receipt of a completed Grant Acquittal Form after the event has concluded. Any unspent grant funds, or grant funds not expended in accordance with the grant agreement, will be retained by DoT.

Acquittal and reporting

A Grant Acquittal Form will be provided, and must include the following information about your event:

  • A summary of your event and its outcomes against the WA Bike Month objectives
  • Description of how the WA Bike Month grant funding was used
  • Copies of photographs taken during the event 
  • Copies of promotional materials for your event (e.g. posters, flyers, website posts)
  • Details of any media coverage received – traditional, online, and social.

Acknowledgement and use of logos

Grant recipients must acknowledge the Department of Transport, RAC, WestCycle and WA Bike Month on all promotional materials. Promotional materials include, but are not limited to, posters, flyers, signage, websites, social media, merchandise etc. DoT, RAC, WestCycle and WA Bike Month must be acknowledged during any speeches or presentations at funded events. Templates of promotional and marketing materials will be made available via the downloads page.

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