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On-demand passenger transport levy

The On-demand passenger transport Levy (the Levy) will commence on 1 April 2019 and will fund the buyback of the Perth metropolitan taxi plates. The Levy is temporary.

  On-demand passenger transport Levy

On-demand passenger transport Levy map
On-demand passenger transport Levy map
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The On-demand Passenger Transport Levy (the Levy) will be 10% of every fare to a maximum of $10 per trip. The Levy will apply to on-demand trips in vehicles that seat 12 or less people (including driver) that start and finish in the Perth, Mandurah or Murray areas.

The Levy will be collected from booking services including taxi dispatch services, ride-sourcing and charter vehicle companies.

The Levy is temporary - it is expected the Levy will apply for approximately four years, to cover the full cost of the taxi plate buyback.

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  Which passenger transport trips does the Levy apply to?

The Levy does not apply to on-demand trips:

  • in vehicles that seat 13 or more people (including driver);
  • that start or finish outside of the Perth, Mandurah or Murray areas; or
  • that are conducted in a wholly electric vehicle.

The Levy also does not apply to tourism passenger transport services that are conducted according to a publicly available tour itinerary or regular passenger transport trips conducted according to a regular timetable and route.

The Levy does not apply to bookings that are, for whatever reason, not completed.

  What does the Levy mean for booking services?

A booking service may undertake a combination of leviable and non-leviable trips. Booking services such as these will be required to register for the Levy if they expect to conduct any leviable trips.

When applying for authorisation, a booking service is required to register for the Levy unless they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • All bookings taken by the booking service are for journeys that start and finish outside of the defined levy area;
  • All bookings taken are completed in vehicles that are equipped to seat more than 12 adult persons (including the driver);
  • All bookings taken are conducted in vehicles that are propelled wholly by electricity.

In addition, if a booking service solely takes bookings for weddings, balls, funerals, tours or other special events in luxury or vintage vehicles,  they may apply for an exemption.

For more information on how the Levy affects booking services, including how to pay the Levy and how to apply for an exemption, visit Levy requirements for booking services.

  What does the Levy mean for drivers?

  • Drivers must report all their fares to their booking service, including rank or hail and cash fares.
  • Drivers will be directed by their booking services regarding the collection and payment of the fare and any Levy that is passed on to customers.
  • A booking service will have the power to recover any Levy amounts owing to them from the driver.

  What happens if a booking service fails to pay the Levy?

If a booking service fails to pay the Levy, their authorisation may be cancelled and their operations will cease. This means that booking services will no longer be able to provide work to drivers.
DoT may monitor compliance through a range of activities, including:
  • Investigations using data analysis and intelligence;
  • Engaging specialist auditing firms;
  • Use of 'secret shoppers'; and
  • On-road checks by DoT Education and Compliance officers.
Penalties may be applied for failing to pay the Levy.
  • Booking service fails to lodge a Levy return: $5,000.
  • Booking service fails to pay the Levy: $5,000.
  • Booking service fails to keep relevant records for Levy: $20,000.
  • Booking service continues to operate without authorisation: $40,000 for an individual and $200,000 for a company.


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