Advice for DoT customers impacted by the Optus and Medibank data breaches

Alerts for the Department of Transport


Information for Optus customers

DoT has put in place measures to protect customers affected by the Optus data breach.

Replacing a driver’s licence card is the quickest way for you to upgrade your protection to avoid being a victim of identity or financial crimes. An old licence card cannot be used by others for fraudulent activities online, as it will not validate in a Document Verification Service check.

For more information, visit the Identity security page.

Information for Medibank customers

Unfortunately, the Department of Transport is unable to assist those who have been impacted by the Medibank data breach. Medibank has advised that no driver’s licence information has been compromised in that breach, nor does Medibank have access to any customer medical records regarding fitness to drive that are obtained by DoT.

For the latest Medibank customer information, please visit the Medibank website.

Page last updated: Tue Jul 4 2023 9:57:38 AM