Perth Bicycle Network (PBN)

The Perth Bicycle Network (PBN) is the metropolitan component of the draft Western Australian Bicycle Network (WABN) Plan 2012-21, which expands and enhances the 1996 PBN Plan.

  Principal Shared Path (PSP) expansion program

The expansion of the Principal Shared Path (PSP) network is a key recommendation of the Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan.

The priority PSPs up until 2023 will be within a 15 km radius of the Perth Central Business District with a particular emphasis along the freeway and railway corridors, due to high commuter demand. PSPs will be constructed along other routes as part of large infrastructure projects such as Gateway WA.

From 2023 to 2031 the focus will move to the areas beyond the 15 km radius of the Perth central area to provide greater connectivity for Strategic Activity Centres.

The following map shows the proposed cycling and pedestrian paths to be constructed over the next four years:

AT_P_PSPExpansionProgramMap.pdf icon Kb

  Perth Bicycle Network components

Primary components to the PBN program are:

  •  Principal shared path routes.
  •  Recreational shared path routes.
  •  Local bicycle routes.
  •  End-of-trip facilities.

Main Roads WA and the Public Transport Authority are responsible for constructing the Principal Shared Path component of the PBN.

Local routes are the responsibility of Local Government and, in general, so are recreational routes on the coastal and river foreshores.

The local routes are about to undergo a significant review as recommended in the draft WABN Plan.

Depending on the location of end-of-trip facilities, the responsibility for their installation and maintenance could be Local Government, Department of Education, Public Transport Authority or commercial/business.

The PBN Grants Program is the means to fund metropolitan bicycle network projects that belong to Local Government. Local Government determine priorities for cycling projects through the development of local bike plans (network plans).

Electronic monitoring enables the effectiveness of the network program to be assessed and user trends to be identified.

The original 1996 PBN Plan, replaced by the draft WABN Plan 2012-21, can be downloaded below.

You can also download the Perth Bicycle Network routes data set - by downloading the data you are agreeing to the terms of the Conditions of Supply below. icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_PBNP.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_ConditionsOfSupply_Datasets.pdf icon Kb

  2016-2017 Grants program

The Perth Bicycle Network Grants program is important in raising the profile of cycling at a local government level and in ensuring network infrastructure is complementary across local boundaries.

The program is administered by the Department of Transport and matches local government expenditure dollar for dollar for the development and construction of cycling infrastructure in accordance with State Government priorities as set out in the WABN Plan 2014-31.

Local government authorities should seek funding under the program in accordance with the priorities of their Bicycle Plans.  The Department of Transport offers funding through the program for the development of these plans and has released a document ‘Guideline for developing a bicycle plan: May 2015' to assist in creating high quality, practical local Bike Plans.  This document can be downloaded below.

The following changes have been introduced for the 2016/17 program:

  • Removal of End of Trip and Innovative project category.
  • One page proposal (short form) for shortlisting prior to submission of long form.
  • Minimum project costs.
  • Bike Plans
    • PBN Bike Plan projects must be run over two years given it generally takes >12months to prepare a plan.
    • Planning and scoping of Bike Plans must be submitted with short form.

The PBN Grants program favours projects that provide connections to schools, train stations and activity centres.

  Connecting schools grants program

Connecting Schools is a grant program aimed at improving bicycle access and end-of-trip facilities for schools, as well as providing behaviour change initiatives to promote cycling.

Increasing the number of students cycling to school has many positive benefits including health improvements, reduced congestion at school drop-off/pick-up times and encouraging the take-up of cycling as a viable transport option for other short trips.

2016-2017 Connecting Schools Grants Program

There are some changes to the structure of the Connecting Schools grants program this year to improve efficiency of assessment and the quality of the projects implemented.

  1. A two-page abridged version of the long form is to be submitted for assessment. Submissions will be assessed based on their compliance with objectives of the WA Bike Network Plan 2014-31 and TravelSmart to Schools (TSTS) requirements, as well as assessed according to specific criteria.
  2. Up to three submissions can be made per school, but only one will be funded.

The projects seeking funding must promote the replacement of car trips with bike trips to school, and actively encourage physical activity (bicycling, scootering etc).

  2015-2016 Grants program

Twelve local governments and 6 schools have been successful recipients of the Department of Transport grants program in 2015-2016.

There are 20 projects to be delivered with $1.47m awarded in 2015-16 and additional $0.99m committed in 2016-17.

Awarded project details can be downloaded below.

AT_CYC_P_PBN_Grants_Awarded_2015_2016.pdf icon Kb

  2014/2015 Grants program

Successful grant applications in the 2014-15 PBN Grants program have been awarded.

A total of 27 projects (15 Local Governments) will be undertaken in the $1.33m program.

Awarded project details can be downloaded below.

AT_CYC_P_PBN_Grants_Awarded_2014_2015.pdf icon Kb

  2013-2014 Grants program

Successful grant applications in the 2013-14 PBN Grants program have been awarded.

A total of 31 projects (19 Local Governments) will be undertaken in the $1.9m program.

  • Awarded project details can be downloaded below.

The WABN Plan proposed an increase from $1m to $2m per year in allocated funding to the PBN Grants Program. $100k has already been allocated towards a 'Connecting Schools' initiative.

AT_CYC_P_PBN_Grants_Awarded_2013_2014.pdf icon Kb

  2012-2013 Grants program

A total of 37 projects (19 Local Governments) will be undertaken in the $2m program.

19.1km (14.2km paths and 4.9km bicycle lanes) of network infrastructure is being generated from the funding.

  • Awarded project details can be downloaded below.
  • Successful applicants can also download the required acquittal forms below.
AT_CYC_P_PBN_Awarded_Grants_2012-13.pdf icon Kb

  2011-2012 Grants program

A total of 19 projects (15 Local Governments) were completed in the 2011-12 PBN Grants program.

9km (6.9km paths and 2.1km bicycle lanes) of network infrastructure is being generated from the funding.

  • Project details can be downloaded.
AT_CYC_P_PBN_Completed_Grants_2011-12.pdf icon Kb


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