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WA Bike Month

WA Bike Month celebrates riding bikes for transport, fun and a heathier lifestyle, and aims to encourage people of all ages and abilities to ride more often for everyday trips.

Over the past 30 years, the Department of Transport has coordinated an annual celebration of cycling.

The campaign has traditionally run across ‘Bike Week’ in March of each year, however with its success and popularity growing growing each year, the Department is now supporting WA Bike Month in spring of each year, starting in November 2019 with the first ever WA Bike Month Challenge.

  WA Bike Month Challenge 2019

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DoT has partnered with WestCycle to deliver the first ever WA Bike Month Challenge in collaboration with Love to Ride and registrations are now open! Sign up now and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to ride a bike this November and share in the fun and benefits of cycling and be in the draw to win great prizes.

Participants can sign up as individuals or organisations and you can even go head-to-head in friendly competitions with other teams.

To register to the WA Bike Month Challenge, visit the WA Bike Month website.

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  WA Bike Month 2020

In 2020, the WA Bike Month program will see the return of grants to support schools, workplaces, cycling clubs and community organisations to run their own events in spring.


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