State Aviation Strategy and airfares review

The Parliamentary Inquiry into Regional Airfares was initiated to address the communities’ concerns on the high cost of regional air travel.


  Parliamentary Inquiry into Regional Airfares

A parliamentary inquiry into airfares in regional Western Australia, conducted by the Economics and Industry Standing Committee, resulted in the final report “Perceptions and Realities of Regional Airfare Prices in Western Australia”. The report focused on:

  • whether prices are in fact high;
  • the impact these prices have on regional communities;
  • causal factors driving high prices; and
  • steps that industry and Government might take to address community concerns and reduce airfares.

The report made 48 findings and 13 recommendations regarding the regular public transport (RPT) air routes in regional Western Australia.

The State Government tabled its response to the to the final report's recommendations and findings in April 2018. The State commenced the implementation of relevant actions in 2018. The Government’s response can be viewed below.

External Link Economics and Industry Standing Committee perceptions and realities of regional airfare prices in Western Australia (Report)
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  Governance structure

The Government’s response to Recommendation 2 of the report endorsed the establishment of an interdepartmental working group to assist the review of the State Aviation Strategy and undertake a more coordinated approach to aviation policy implementation.

A Western Australian Regional Aviation Taskforce has been established and will oversee the review of the State Aviation Strategy and oversee the implementation of the Government’s response to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Regional Airfares in Western Australia;

The membership of the Taskforce comprises:

  • Director General, Department of Transport (Chair);
  • Director General, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation;
  • Director General, Department of Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development; and
  • Director General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

  Community engagement activities

Central to the implementation of the State Government’s response to the Parliamentary Inquiry are the themes of:

  • Transparency
  • Community engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation

Throughout 2019 and 2020, the Government will engage extensively with airlines, airport operators, local governments, the mining industry, corporations and communities. The collection of data and feedback is essential to the success of the State Aviation Strategy review and will be used to provide a policy framework going forward.

The purpose of the consultation is for DoT to facilitate a direct engagement between the airlines, airports, government agencies and the regional stakeholders and communities to identify innovative opportunities to more affordable airfares and ultimately improve community sentiment on regional airfares in WA.

Some of the engagement activities, with a particular focus on the currently unregulated routes, will include:

a) Community surveys;
b) Stakeholder discussions;
c) Regional community drop-ins;
d) Digital (online) engagement; and
e) Public comment on the final draft of the 2020 State Aviation Strategy.

Please visit this page regularly for updates.

Community drop-ins

With the objective of increasing community understanding of how airfares work, the Project Team has hosted community drop-in opportunities as detailed below.

Regional community drop-ins Date / Time Location 
Broome Complete (2/04/2019)


Geraldton Complete (25/03/2019)  
Kalgoorlie Complete (13/03/2019)  
Karratha Complete (21/03/2019)  
Kununurra Complete (3/04/2019)  
Newman Complete (12/03/2019)  

Complete (22/05/2019)


Paraburdoo Complete (5/03/2019)  
Port Hedland Complete (21/03/2019)  
External Link 11/03/2019: Response to regional airfares inquiry continues to progress

  State Aviation Strategy Review

A key recommendation was that the State Aviation Strategy be reviewed and updated, with considerable stakeholder and community consultation as well as independent consultants providing specialist aviation guidance. The review will take account of current market and economic conditions and consider the adequacy of DoT’s resources to deliver on any proposed changes to its policies or functions.

The updated State Aviation Strategy will address each of the recommendations put forward by the Economics and Industry Standing Committee report and the 2015 Strategy and provide current assessments of aviation infrastructure, planning frameworks and policy tools across Western Australia.

The revised State Aviation Strategy is expected to be released in late 2020, delivering an enduring, whole-of-Government approach to the implementation of State aviation policy, pursuing improved outcomes for regional WA and providing a framework for the growth of the aviation industry in WA into the future.

Previous State Aviation Review

The previous State Aviation Strategy was developed with significant input from key industry and government stakeholders. It was released in 2015 and provided a snapshot of the aviation industry’s challenges and opportunities in Western Australia, as well as recommendations for the State Government.

AV_P_State_Aviation_Strategy2015.pdf icon Western Australian State Aviation Strategy Kb

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