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Find out about our current Maritime internship opportunities.

The Department of Transport (DoT) delivers the services that allow Western Australians to enjoy our waterways safely and grows our State economy with the development and management of world-class coastal infrastructure.

The Maritime Internship Program is your opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge while helping to ensure the safe and sustainable management, development and use of our coastline and waterways. 

Coastal Information, Data Science, Coastal Engineering and Planning internship

  • Are you interested to explore, monitor and collect data from WA’s oceans and waterways?  
  • Keen to work with technology, geospatial systems and data in a Maritime environment? 

Our Coastal Information team are offering an internship to gain valuable skills in geospatial systems, cartography, data collection, analysis, and exploration. 

This internship will provide experience for careers in spatial science, data technology, IT, engineering, project management and maritime infrastructure construction management. 

You may be involved in projects relating to: 

  • Geospatial services – develop GIS apps and 3D visualisation tools, data modelling, redeploy GIS applications to the cloud, manage spatial database and webservices, system administration support for Geographic Information Systems infrastructure  
  • Cartographic services – creating maps and navigation charts, develop cartographic products and graphic design  
  • Hydrographic – assist with hydrographic surveys, data processing and quality checking, management of bathymetric data 
  • Oceanographic - assist with the deployment of ocean monitoring equipment, acquisition, analysis, management and dissemination of oceanographic information, programming and setting up systems 
  • Coastal Engineering - Mapping key erosion sites 
  • Data intelligence - setting up data governance structures and workflows, data warehouse integration and creation of dashboards  
  • Data management – hydrographic data storage and retrieval in a cloud infrastructure at Pawsey super computer centre, metadata and quality control 
  • Transport planning – provide geospatial and data modelling expertise for active transport networks. Identify issues and future trends for strategic transport planning and people movement. 

 To apply you will need to be currently undertaking or have completed studies in:  

  • engineering, environment and sustainability, spatial science, data science, information technology or marine-orientated studies; and 
  • a minimum of half way through your second year in an Australian university or TAFE 

There may be opportunities available across the broader Maritime unit, so we encourage you to apply.

The internship will primarily be based in our Fremantle office.

To submit your interest please complete the form below. 


How the internship works

  • Once you have submitted an expression of interest, we will assess it and if there is a potential match, we will contact you.  
  • The project work, expectations and timeframes will be discussed and agreed by all participants including your course provider before the internship commences.
  • Work experience is possible during semester breaks or part time during the semester (negotiable with you).   

Why choose Coastal Information

  • Opportunity for field visits, to be out on the water or work in the office.
  • We use a range of software and systems, collect, and manage complex data and provide innovative products and services to stakeholders across the department, industry, and the public, offering diverse prospects.
  • A people focussed culture, a highly experienced and motivated team and support from management. We value what we do and how we work with each other and enjoy great team dynamics.
  • A great place to work with a view of the Fremantle harbour and modern facilities where you can work at any desk or in the fresh air. Kings Square is close to the Fremantle Markets, cafes, entertainment and public transport.

Find out more about Maritime and the Coastal Information team’s services and projects.

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Internship Benefits

As an intern with us you can expect to gain valuable experience, and enjoy a wide range of benefits and opportunities for growth, such as:

Improve your practical skills and technical knowledge: Our internship program provides you with the chance to work directly on meaningful projects alongside our team of maritime professionals. You will have the opportunity to apply your academic knowledge to real-world situations, gaining practical skills and enhancing your understanding of waterway safety and management.

Mentorship and guidance: Throughout your internship, you will be assigned a dedicated mentor who will provide guidance, support, and valuable feedback. Our maritime professionals are committed to helping you develop your skills and navigate your career path in the maritime industry.

Networking opportunities: As a government agency, we have established connections and collaborations with various organisations, research institutions, and agencies within the maritime sector. During your internship, you will have the chance to interact with professionals from different backgrounds, expanding your professional network and building relationships that may prove beneficial in your future career.

Enhance employability skills and professional development: We believe in investing in our interns' development. We offer various training programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Exposure to Diverse Projects: Department of Transport is involved in a wide range of Maritime and coastal infrastructure projects, including help to manage Western Australian coasts and infrastructure, including the management of coastal erosion hazards, Coastal Adaptation and Protection (CAP). As an intern, you will have the chance to contribute to these projects, gaining exposure to different aspects of marine management.

Potential employment opportunities: Many of our interns have gone on to secure permanent positions within our agency or other organisations in the maritime industry. By demonstrating your dedication, skills, and work ethic during your internship, you may increase your chances of being considered for future job openings.

Why intern at DoT

The Department of Transport provides a safe, inclusive environment for students to gain work experience in the public sector while providing reasonable adjustments to suit their needs. Our internship program assists students currently studying at university or TAFE, to participate and take on core responsibilities in a business unit related to the student’s degree and future aspirations. Students and young people contribute to the future of our organisation and we take great pride in recruiting talented and enthusiastic students each year.

We recognise teams with diverse members are better able to contribute to our organisation’s goals and outcomes through enhanced creativity and innovation. We celebrate great performance and act in alignment with Our Values. We recruit people who embody our values and demonstrate the potential to drive our organisation forward. We invest you, because we know you will add value straight away and as you progress with us.

Our Values

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