Oil spill response training

DoT's Maritime Environmental Emergency Response Team provides training including courses that award nationally-recognised units of competency delivered under auspice of Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Registered Training Organisation code 88033.

  WA Department of Transport Competency Based Training 2023

DoT delivers a complete 5-day course to cover aspects of shoreline assessment and response and basic equipment operations. Allocation of positions on competency-based training is prioritised to organisations that are members of the WA Oil Spill State Response Team.

Proposed 2023 oil spill course dates are:

Comptency Based Training Location Date
Basic Equipment / Oiled Shoreline Course Broome 20 - 24 February
Basic Equipment / Oiled Shoreline Course Wyndham 22 - 26 May

  WA State Response Team Deployment Days 2023

Proposed 2023 WA State Response Team Deployment Days are:

State Response Team Deployment Location Date
SRT 1 Fremantle 13 February
SRT 2 Fremantle 12 June
SRT 3 Fremantle 26 June

WA Department of Transport First Strike Response Training 2023

First Strike Response Training Location Date
FST 1 Cape Cuvier 20 June
FST 2 Useless Loop 22 June

  AMSA Competency Based Training

DoT facilitates attendance at AMSA competency based training sessions run in Western Australia or around the country. These course include:

  • Advanced oil spill equipment operator
  • Introduction to AIIMS (Australian Inter-service Incident Management System) for oil spill response
  • Marine Pollution Response – Incident Management Training
  • Incident Controller level 2 and 3

Further information on National Plan courses can be found on the AMSA website.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA): National Plan Training

  WA State Exercise 2023

The 2023 WA State Maritime Environmental Emergency Response Exercise will be conducted 16 – 20 October in Broome, focussing on DoT supporting a Port Authority to resolve a Maritime Environmental Emergency incident. This will be run in partnership with the Kimberly Ports Authority (KPA) and a series of other organisations and agencies.

For further information please see the attached Exercise Flyer or email marine.pollution@transport.wa.gov.au.
You can register to participate or observe the exercise by completing the Exercise Roebuck Challenge - Participant and Observer Nomination.


WA State Exercise Zephyr 2022 (video)

2022 WA State Maritime Environmental Emergency Response Exercise and 2022 Australian Oil & Gas Industry / AMOSC Exercise.

  WA State Exercise Amity Challenge 2018 (video)

2018 WA State Maritime Environmental Emergency Response Exercise Amity Albany conducted by WA Department of Transport.

  Marine oil spill response equipment demonstration (video)

This video was taken at the '2017 SpillCon' event. It shows an on-water display of the different type of Maritime Environmental Emergency Response Equipment that can assist in the response to a maritime environmental emergency.

  WA State Response Team Ro-Boom deployment (video)

In Western Australia there are two national oil spill response equipment stockpiles located in Fremantle and Dampier. These stockpiles are administered and maintained by Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). Stockpiles comprise various oil spill response equipment including Roulands Ro-Bay 1500 inflatable curtain boom also known as Ro-Boom.

Ro-Boom is a heavy duty containment boom designed to handle offshore conditions. It can be deployed from a vessel or fixed shoreline structure such as a wharf.

The deployment of this equipment safely, efficiently and effectively requires careful planning.

This video has been produced by the Department of Transport with assistance from Svitzer, Fremantle Ports, AMSA and the members of WA State Oil Spill Response Team to assist in planning and preparation for Ro-Boom deployment.

WA State Response Team Ro-Boom deployment (video)

  WA State Response Team Shoreline Boom deployment (video)

This video is provided to demonstrate a Shoreline Boom deployment from a beach location. Purposes of such deployments are containment, deflection or exclusion of the oil from the shoreline.

The objective of this deployment is to create a containment pocket in order to catch or hold oil at a location where the oil can be collected using various skimming techniques.

WA State Response Team Shoreline Boom deployment (video)

  Marine Transport Emergency and Marine Oil Pollution hazard (video)

The State Emergency Management Committee, in partnership with the Department of Transport has created a short video to detail the State's response arrangements to a Marine Transport Emergency and Marine Oil Pollution incident.

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