State Hazard Plan

Find out about the State Hazard Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies which is developed and reviewed by the Department of Transport.


To enable the Western Australian Government to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from all different types of emergencies in the State there are documented State Hazard Plans (SHP) or Westplans to cover the different hazards.

The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) is the body with overall responsibility for emergency planning. The SEMC is responsible for the development and review of one State Hazard Plan for the Department of Transport that covers two hazards. These two hazards are:

  • Marine Oil Pollution; and
  • Marine Transport Emergencies.

Together, these hazards are referred to as Maritime Environmental Emergencies (MEE).

  State Hazard Plan - Maritime Environmental Emergencies (MEE)

The State Hazard Plan - Maritime Environmental Emergencies (MEE) covers:

  • Scope of effective oil spill response.
  • Operational plans.
  • Structures and agreements for inter-agency cooperation.
  • Framework for port authorities and industry to develop oil spill contingency plans.
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