Get a learner's permit

A learnerís permit allows you to learn to drive a vehicle of the specified class. The minimum age at which a person can obtain a learnerís permit to drive ĎCí class vehicles is 16 years of age. Learner's permits are valid for a period of 3 years, after which you would need to reapply if you wish to continue to learn to drive. 

  Task 1:Learn the road rules

You need to sit the learnerís permit Computerised Theory Test (CTT) when applying for your learnerís permit, and must pass the test before driving.

The first thing to do is read the appropriate handbook and practice the relevant theory test. Ensure youíll be confident sitting the test before you head into a Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre or regional agent.

  Task 2:Apply for your learner's permit and make payment

To be eligible, you must:

DoT recommends that all applicants applying for a C class apply for an unrestricted driverís licence (C class). When you get a learner's permit to drive C class vehicles you can take your lessons and your practical driving assessment in a manual or an automatic vehicle. If you pass your driving test in an automatic vehicle, your licence will be issued as a C-A class.


Learner driver fees

There is no fee for renewing a learner's permit if the learner driver has passed the theory test in the past 5 years. If not, the learner driver will need to sit and pass the Computerised Theory Test (CTT) again.
Fee type Fee
Driver's licence application
New driver licence application fee including one Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) (original issue, not HC or MC class) $138.70
Additional class application fee including one Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) (not HC or MC class) $138.70
Class restriction removal (does not include HC and MC class) $113.70
Learner's Permit Computerised Theory Test (CTT)
Sit the Learner's Permit Computerised Theory Test (CTT) $21.20
Subsequent Learner's Permit Computerised Theory Test (CTT) resits $18.20
Learner Log Book (printed) $10.70
E-log book app No fee
Learner's Permit card replacement $32.20
Hazard Perception Test (HPT)
Sit the initial Hazard Perception Test (HPT) $28.40
Every subsequent Hazard Perception Test (HPT) resit $22.90
Practical Driving Assessment (PDA)
Every subsequent Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) resit $113.70

  Task 3:Sit a theory test

Theory test

The theory test is a knowledge-based assessment of your understanding of the WA road rules. The Drive Safe and Ride Safe handbooks and other reference materials, including the use of mobile devices/phones, are not permitted during the test.

You will need to do a theory test at a Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre or regional agent. Theory tests must commence before 3.45 pm at Metropolitan centres. Regional agents may require earlier attendance to sit the test; please refer to our Contact search for details.

If you fail, you cannot attempt the test again on the same day - youíll need to come back another day, pay a fee, and bring your proof of identity documents again.

The theory test must be completed within an allocated time limit. 

You must complete the test within the time limit specified for the test category undertaken. If you do not complete the test within the time allocated, the test will automatically be terminated and marked with a ĎPassí or ĎFailí result determined on the number of questions completed and answered correctly.

Should I book?

There is no requirement to book at any of our metropolitan DVS centres or regional Department of Transport centres. Regional agent sites may require a booking contact your local DVS agent to see if a booking is required.

Car licence theory test

The theory test for a car (C class) consists of 30 multiple choice questions on road rules and safe driving practices. To pass the test you must score a minimum of 24 correct answers. You have 35 minutes to complete this test.

Moped/Motorcycle licence theory test

The theory test for moped (R-N class) or for Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) (R-E class) consists of 35 multiple choice questions on road rules and safe driving practices relating to motorcycles. To pass the test you must score a minimum of 28 correct answers. You have 35 minutes to complete this test.

Oral theory test

You may be eligible to complete the theory test orally, if you have:

  • Very limited understanding of the English language.
  • Difficulty reading English.
  • Computer literacy limitations.

You will need to speak and understand English well enough to understand the testing officer and answer the questions. You need to get 24 out of 30 questions correct to pass the test.

Ask about an oral theory test when you apply for your learnerís permit and you feel you may meet the eligibility requirements.

  Task 4:Eyesight test: Learner's permits

Your eyesight test will be conducted at the same time and location as paying the application fee for your learner's permit.

If you need any visual aids to pass the eyesight test, your learner's permit will be endorsed with a condition to show that you must wear visual aids when driving. You'll need to have your visual aids with you.

  Task 5:Medical test: Learner's permits

You must declare on the application form whether you have any medical conditions and/or take any medication. You will be advised if you need a medical assessment before you are granted your learner's permit.

For more information refer to driving with and reporting a medical condition.

  Task 6:Learner Log Book

When you get your learner's permit you have a choice of using a printed Learner Log Book or you may opt to use the Learn&Log app to record your supervised driving hours.

Use of the Learn&Log app is free. If you choose to use the printed Log Book to record your hours, a fee applies.

You can switch from the printed Log Book to the app at any time by downloading Learn&Log from the App Store or Google Play. Make sure you keep your printed Log Book in a safe place at all times.

  What's next?

Once you have passed your CTT and been issued with a learnerís permit you can progress to step two of getting your licence and start learning to drive/ride.

You can start learning to drive straight away and you will receive your new learnerís permit card in the mail within 14 days.

While learning to drive with a supervising driver:

  • you must display ĎLí plates on the front and rear of the vehicle when you are driving (penalties apply).
  • you must not exceed a speed limit of 100 km/h.
  • you are not allowed to drive within the boundaries of Kings Park or wherever signs prohibit learner drivers.
  • you must not drive if you have a blood alcohol concentration greater than 0.00%.

You may tow a trailer or caravan whilst undertaking driving lessons with a supervising driver.

You may carry passengers whilst learning to drive with a supervising driver. The number of passengers cannot exceed the number of seatbelts fitted in the vehicle.

Freeway driving is permitted for all stages of a learnerís permit, provided there are no signs barring learner drivers from driving on that section of the freeway. This does not apply to learners riding a moped (R-N), as mopeds are designed to be capable of a speed not exceeding 50 kph.

(Mopeds, tractors (other than prime movers), bicycles and animals are not permitted on the freeway.)

You should always wear appropriate footwear while driving. Driving with footwear such as thongs increases risk due to the strapsí ability to catch on the pedals. High heels or steel-toed work boots may also inhibit your ability to activate the pedals.

If you choose to drive barefoot it is recommended that you ensure your feet are clean and dry and that they have solid grip on the pedals.  check with your car insurer as this may be included as one of the exclusions in your policy.

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