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To start learning to drive you have to get a learner's permit by passing the theory test. Your learner's permit is valid for three years.

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To start learning to drive you have to get a learner's permit by passing the theory test. Your learner's permit is valid for three years.

  Task 1: Apply for your learner's permit and make payment

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a minimum of 16 years of age for a car (C class) learner's permit.
  • Be a minimum of 15 ˝ years of age for a moped (R-N class) learner's permit.
  • Submit a completed driver's licence application (Form DLA1).
  • Bring your required proof of identification documents. Please refer to 'Proof of Identity requirements (Fact sheet)'.
  • Pay for the theory test, the application fee and the learner guide and log book.

Learner driver fees

Fee type Fee
Learner's permit theory test
Sit the learner's permit theory test $18.80
Every subsequent learner's permit theory resit $13.10
Learner's guide and log book $18.70
Learner's permit replacement $35.10
Hazard Perception Test (HPT)
Sit the initial Hazard Perception Test (HPT) $21.20
Every subsequent Hazard Perception Test (HPT) resit $14.10
Practical Driving Assessment (PDA)
Application fee including one Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) $77.20
Every subsequent Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) resit $73.70
LBU_F_DL_DLA_1_DriversLicenceApplication.pdf icon Driver's licence application (Form DLA1) Kb
LBU_FS_YourSecureID.pdf icon Proof of identity requirements (Fact sheet) Kb

  Task 2: Sit a theory test

Theory test

You will need to sit a theory test at a Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre or regional agent. Theory tests must commence before pm.

A fee is charged each time you attempt the theory test.

If you fail, you cannot attempt the test again on the same day. You will need to attend on another day. You must produce all the required documents again when you return and pay an additional fee.

Please refer to tools and resources for sample quizzes and other useful activities.

Oral theory test

You may be eligible to complete the theory test orally.

To be eligible to complete an oral theory test you must have:

  • A very limited understanding of the English language.
  • A difficulty reading English.

Staff at the DVS or regional agent that conducted your theory test can give you more information about booking an oral theory test.

You will still need to speak and understand English well enough to understand the testing officer and answer the questions. You will be asked 30 questions and you need to get at least 24 right to pass the test.

Car licence

The theory test for a car (C class) is a test consisting of 30 multiple choice questions on road rules and safe driving practices. To pass the test you must score a minimum of 24 correct answers.

To prepare for the theory test for a car (C class) licence you should study the Drive Safe handbook and practice the online sample quizzes.

Moped/Motorcycle licence

The theory test for moped (R-N class) or for (LAMS) approved motorcycles (R-E class) is a test consisting of 35 multiple choice questions on road rules and safe driving practices relating to motorcycles. To pass the test you must score a minimum of 28 correct answers.

To prepare for the theory test for a moped or LAMS (R-N or R-E class) you should study the Ride Safe handbook and practice the online sample quizzes for motorcycles.

DVS_DL_B_DriveSafeFull_d.pdf icon Drive Safe handbook Kb
LBU_DL_B_RideSafe_c.pdf icon Ride Safe handbook Kb

  Task 3: Eyesight test: Learner's permits

Your eyesight test will be conducted at the same time and location as paying the application fee for your learner's permit.

If you need any visual aids to pass the eyesight test, your learner's permit will be endorsed with a condition to show that you must wear visual aids when driving.

  Task 4: Medical test: Learner's permits

You must declare on the application form whether you have any medical conditions and/or take any medication. You will be advised if you need to have a medical assessment before you are granted your learner's permit.

For more information refer to driving with and reporting a medical condition.

  Task 5: Learner guide and log book

When you get your learner's permit you will be issued with a learner guide and log book. This contains information to assist you in developing safe driving skills. It also has the pre and post Practical Driving Assessment log books you need to record your supervised driving experience.

A fee is charged for the learner guide and log book.

It is an important part of you getting your licence and should be kept in a safe place at all times.

  Task 6: Display your 'L' plates

While learning: You must display 'L' plates in a visible position at the front and back of your vehicle or motorcycle at all times.

Learner drive plate

LBU_DL_I_Lplatelearner.pdf icon 'L' plates: yellow (printable) Kb

  How to renew your expired learner's permit

Learner's permits are valid for three years.

If your permit expires, it cannot be extended. A new learner's permit will have to be granted.

When your learner's permit has expired, you can apply for a new learner's permit by following the tasks outlined above.

You won't be required to re-sit the theory test, providing you completed one within five years of the issue date of your original learner's permit.

The grant of a learner's permit is covered by the fee you paid for your application for a driver's licence, or for the variation of your existing driver's licence (such as an application for an additional class).

A fee will be charged where an expired learner's permit is replaced by a new permit and you sat the applicable theory test more than 5 years before the date that the new permit is granted. In these situations you must pay the initial theory test fee.

Renewing the Learner's permit will not entitle you to an additional Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) if you have previously sat for a PDA. You will need to pay an additional PDA fee for the required class before you will be able to book for another PDA.

  Replace a lost Learner Guide and Log Book

You must attend a Driver and Vehicle Service (DVS) Centre or Department of Transport agent if your Learner Guide and Log Book has been lost or destroyed.

  • You must present one form of primary and one form of secondary identification (one piece of identification must contain the learner driver's signature).
  • You will also be required to pay the prescribed replacement log book fee.

Supervised driving recorded in your lost or destroyed book cannot be verified by the Department. All supervised driving hours will need to be completed again.

If you have lost your Learner Guide and Log Book, please complete the following form: Application for replacement/certified copy of Driver's Licence, Learner's Permit or Learner Guide and Log Book (Form DL26).

LBU_F_DL_DL26_DuplicateLicence.pdf icon Application for replacement certified copy of driver's licence, learner's permit or learner guide and log book (Form DL26) Kb
DVS_F_DL_RecogLearnerCompAuNZIOT_E60.pdf icon Recognition of Learner Driver Competencies Australia/New Zealand/IOT (Form E60) Kb

  What's next?

Once you have passed your learner's permit you can progress to step two of getting your licence and start learning to drive/ride.


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