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  Task 1:Logging your hours

By completing more than the minimum 50 hours of supervised driving you will be better prepared you for when you can drive on your own.

To become a solo driver, there are a range of recommended tasks in the Driving Techniques for Safer Drivers: A Guide for Learner Drivers (booklet).

Remember, you must always have a supervising driver with you and abide by the rules for novice drivers.

Your declaration of completion certifies that you have completed the minimum supervised driving hours as recorded in your log book. It is often signed by the person who has supervised the most hours or is most aware of the supervised driving you have completed.

Recording extra supervised driving sessions

If you wish to record additional supervised driving sessions, download and print the extra record of supervised driving pages document below, or switch to use the Learn&Log app.

You will be required to present these with your Learner Log Book before you attempt your PDA.

  Replace a lost Learner Log Book

If your Learner Log Book has been lost or destroyed and you do not wish to use the Learn&Log app to record your supervised driving hours you must attend a Driver and Vehicle Service (DVS) centre or Department of Transport agent to apply for a replacement.

  • You must present one form of primary and one form of secondary identification (one piece of identification must contain the learner driver's signature).
  • You must complete the Application for replacement/certified copy of driver's licence, Learner's permit or Learner Log Book (Form DL26).
  • You will also be required to pay the prescribed replacement log book fee.

Supervised driving recorded in your lost or destroyed book cannot be verified by the Department. All supervised driving hours will need to be completed again.

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