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Port Hedland Spoilbank Marina

The concept for the new Port Hedland Spoilbank Marina was released in October 2018.

  Project overview

The concept for the new Port Hedland Spoilbank Marina was released in October 2018.

The Department of Transport (DoT) is progressing the design of the marina which will include a four-lane boat ramp, two breakwaters and internal revetment walls and a separate access channel to exit into deeper water, plus long-term capacity up to 80 boat pens.

In addition to the marina there will also be public open recreational space and improved public access, parking, toilet facilities and areas for pop-up stalls.

PROJ_P_Port_Hedland_marina_concept.pdf icon Port Hedland Spoilbank Marina concept Kb

  Project status

The Port Hedland Spoilbank Marina project gained momentum in October 2017 when the Spoilbank Boating Facilities Taskforce was established.

Membership of the Taskforce included the Pilbara Development Commission, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, LandCorp and the Department of Transport.

Two concept plans were developed, with preference being given to the design which included a separate channel from the main Port Hedland shipping channel. 

On 15 October 2018, Cabinet approved the concept and endorsed the Department of Transport progressing the project to the detailed design phase.

A range of work will be undertaken to progress the design of the marina:

  • Collection and review of data and studies
  • Coastal process investigations (including modelling)
  • Boating demand assessment for pens and boat launching ramp
  • Technical investigations and studies

  Pen allocation process

As part of the design process, demand for boat pens was sought by undertaking a registration of interest. This will now inform optimal marina design through having a clear understanding of the initial number of pens and sizes needed. It has also provided an initial understanding of marina requirements to service future pen holders (security/water provision/power provision etc).

The registration of interest in boat pens at the marina was well received with 20 registrations formally lodged.

Applicants who registered an interest in a marina pen are required to make a payment of $1,000 at the commencement of marina construction. Applicants will be sent an invoice prior to the proposed construction commencement date and will need to make the payment within one month to be granted a right of first preference to available marina pens. If an applicant is not provided with an option to occupy a pen the $1,000 will be refunded to the applicant.

Those who didnít register an interest will only be given an opportunity for a pen once all registered applicants have been allocated a pen.

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PROJ_P_Port_Hedland_marina_concept.pdf icon Port Hedland Spoilbank Marina concept Kb


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