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Read FAQs about WA Bike Month and the grants application process.

What is WA Bike Month?

WA Bike Month is Western Australia’s annual celebration of bike riding.

The primary aim of WA Bike Month is to promote and encourage people of all ages and abilities to ride bikes for transport, fun and a healthier lifestyle.

WA Bike Month is held in October each year and in the lead up, grants are available to local governments, organisations, schools, and community groups to host events during the month that support and inspire people to give bike riding a go.

What is the role of the Department of Transport (DoT), RAC and WestCycle in WA Bike Month 2023?

WA Bike Month 2023 is an initiative of the State Government, co-funded by DoT and RAC, and administered by Western Australia’s peak body for cycling, WestCycle.

DoT is the strategic and operational lead for the State Government’s active transport responsibilities. This means supporting safe, well-designed and connected networks for people of all ages and abilities to ride bikes, scooters or walk to get around. DoT also plays a key role in developing and providing behaviour change programs and initiatives to encourage people to walk, wheel or ride more often.

This year, a total of $75,000 in grant funding is available to be split between local governments, organisations and community groups to host events during WA Bike Month. DoT’s annual funding contribution is $50,000; this year RAC has contributed $25,000 towards the grant funding pot, making it the largest WA Bike Month to date.

WestCycle has been contracted by DoT to deliver WA Bike Month 2023 and administer grant funding during October.

What type of grants are available?

In 2023, funding as part of the WA Bike Month grants program is offered in three categories:

  1. Major – up to $7,000 for large-scale events (between 100 and 500 people) that are open to the public.
  2. Local – up to $2,000 for medium-scale events (between 50 and 100 people) that are open to the public.
  3. Minor – up to $500 for small-scale events for a confined or private audience.

How do I apply for a Bike Month grant?

Grant applications for WA Bike Month 2023 are now closed.

What is SmartyGrants?

This year, grants are being administered through an online grants management system called SmartyGrants. SmartyGrants will be used for grant application, assessment, and acquittal forms. Ensure that you only use the SmartyGrants links provided on the grant applications page.

When will we find out if our WA Bike Month grant application was successful?

All grant applications have been assessed by an industry panel led by WestCycle, followed by an independent assessment panel, and successful recipients have been notified in writing. View the successful applicants page the successful grant recipient’s page

Please refer to the Grant Guidelines for key dates.

When will we receive grant funding?

Grant funding will be provided to successful applicants in one lump sum following the receipt of a completed Grant Acquittal Form and associated invoice. Acquittals must be submitted via the SmartyGrants Acquittal Form by 5.00 pm on 24 November 2023. Payment will not be made for acquittals received after this date. It is anticipated that acquittals will be processed in December 2023.

All grants awarded are exclusive of GST, although GST may be added to the Grant amount depending on the GST status of your organisation.

What should we consider when organising our WA Bike Month event?

Each event should meet one or more of the following WA Bike Month objectives:

  • Promote and encourage bike riding for transport, fun and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Increase awareness and use of new and existing bike infrastructure, bike routes (i.e. the cycle network) and local facilities you can get to by bike.
  • Encourage new, novice and rusty riders of all ages and abilities to go for a bike ride.

A great event will also:

  • promote the benefits of bike riding such as physical health, wellbeing and social connection and immersion in the community
  • contemplate a mix of bike and non-bike related activities to encourage participation from the wider community
  • help people overcome some of the basic barriers to bike riding, such as by offering bicycle mechanics, advice and skills training.

If we aren’t successful in receiving a grant, can we still register our planned WA Bike Month event?

Yes. This year, we are inviting the registration of unfunded WA Bike Month events so we can promote a variety of activities to the community. Register an unfunded event by 8 September 2023.

How can I get additional information?

For enquiries about WA Bike Month, please contact WestCycle at

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