Learning to drive/ride (overview)

To ensure you're a safe and confident driver once you drive solo, the Department of Transport uses a Graduated Driver Training and Licensing (GDTL) process.

  Six steps to getting your licence

GDTL has a number of steps including supervised driving or riding on different roads, in different traffic conditions, and over a long period of time to build your experience:

The six steps of getting your first driver's licence are:

This process can vary depending on your age and driving experience.

  Age requirements

You can apply for a learner's permit for any of the following vehicles without any prior experience, once you meet the minimum age requirements:

Vehicle type Class Minimum age to apply by class
Car C You can apply for a learner's permit at 16 years of age.
Motorcycle * R-E You can apply for a learner's permit at 16 years of age.
Moped R-N You can apply for a learner's permit at 15 Ĺ years of age.

* R-E, LAMS approved, motorcycle (under 660 cc and under 150 kW/t).

To view all vehicle classes available and their eligibility requirements please refer to driver licences and vehicle classes.

  Fees and charges

Learner driver fees

Fee type Fee
Driver's licence application
New driver licence application fee including one Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) (original issue, not HC or MC class) $138.70
Additional class application fee including one Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) (not HC or MC class) $138.70
Class restriction removal (does not include HC and MC class) $113.70
Learner's Permit Computerised Theory Test (CTT)
Sit the Learner's Permit Computerised Theory Test (CTT) $21.20
Subsequent Learner's Permit Computerised Theory Test (CTT) resits $18.20
Learner Log Book (printed) $10.70
E-log book app No fee
Learner's Permit card replacement $32.20
Hazard Perception Test (HPT)
Sit the initial Hazard Perception Test (HPT) $28.40
Every subsequent Hazard Perception Test (HPT) resit $22.90
Practical Driving Assessment (PDA)
Every subsequent Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) resit $113.70

  Minimum supervised hours

All learner drivers under the age of 25 must complete a minimum 50 supervised driving hours to be eligible for a WA driver's licence. Five of those hours must be completed at night (between sunset and sunrise).

The 50 hours can be completed at any time either before or after the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) but must be completed before you sit the Practical Driving Assessment (PDA).

If you are only applying for a C class and you are over the age of 25, you:

  • are exempt from the requirement to complete the minimum 50 supervised hours, but
  • must complete all of the other steps to get a WA driverís licence.

If you are only applying for a Moped R-N class, you:

  • are exempt from the requirement to complete the minimum 50 supervised hours, but
  • must complete all of the other steps to get a WA driverís licence.

Thereís information for your supervising driver under Step 2: Learn to drive/ride.

Previous Experience

If youíve completed the Keys4Life pre-driver program through your school, youíre not required to sit the Computerised Theory Test (CTT).

There is no fee for renewing a learner's permit if you have passed the CTT in the past five years. If not, you will need to pass the CTT again.

Heavy Vehicles

A heavy vehicle theory test (HVTT) successfully completed in another Australian jurisdiction, within the preceding five years, can be accepted as evidence of you having met the required standard.

The following competencies can be recognised if they were completed within the preceding five years:

  • Theory test;
  • Six month waiting period;
  • Supervised driving hours;
  • Hazard Perception Test (HPT); and
  • Practical Driving Assessment (PDA).

  Rules for novice drivers

Youíre considered a novice driver until youíve held a driverís licence for at least two years (or periods adding up to two years).

There are restrictions as a novice driver, so ensure you read and understand the rules before driving. Demerit points apply to learners and P plate drivers, and there are different limits depending on how long youíve been driving.

  Interstate and New Zealand learner drivers

If you are visiting WA and hold a current interstate learner's permit, then you may drive under supervision in WA.

You must follow the WA road rules and WA learner permit restrictions even if these restrictions do not apply in your home state.

It is an offence to not follow any of the WA learner driver restrictions and penalties will apply.

Note: If you have a provisional licence ('P' plates) make sure you are familiar with the WA rules for provisional drivers. 

Transfer a New Zealand or interstate learnerís permit 

If you hold a current interstate, New Zealand or Indian Ocean Territories (IOT) learnerís permit and are applying for a WA learner's car or motorcycle permit, you can apply to have the following recognised:

  • learnerís permit or licence
  • theory test
  • hazard perception test
  • supervised driving hours

To apply, visit at Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre, regional DoT office or agent and submit:

  • a completed Recognition of Learner Driver Competencies Australia/New Zealand/IOT form 
  • required supporting documents.

  Resources and FAQs

The Department of Transport has a range of resources to help you. 

Ensure you understand the content in the Drive Safe handbook before applying for your C class learnerís permit, as youíll need that knowledge to pass the Computerised Theory Test (CTT).

The Ride Safe handbook is provided for you if you wish to apply for an R-N or R-E learnerís permit.

Regularly downloaded documents are here for your reference. 

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