Skippers encouraged to be DoT’s eyes on the water this summer

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WA skippers are being encouraged to use the free Deckee boating app to report problems on the water this summer.

In an Australian first, from today app users will be able to share information about incidents and hazards on the water in real time, allowing the Department of Transport (DoT) to immediately respond.

The initiative will further boost safety for water users and results from DoT’s partnership with Deckee which is delivering improved WA data and functionality on the popular boating app.

DoT Manager of Safety Education Laurie Adams said the new feature would allow skippers who have the app to alert DoT to issues on the water including potential dangers.

“By simply uploading a photo and providing a brief description the skipper will be able to share real time information about navigation hazards, incidents, pollution and report any bad behaviour they see on the water,” Mr Adams said.

“This is an exciting development in the functionality of the app as it’s the first time in Australia that skippers and other users have been given this opportunity.”

Another recent upgrade to Deckee allows Skippers who are part of WA’s new Shared Use Mooring System (SUMS)  to use the app to search the area for a suitable mooring for their vessel.

SUMS provides boat owners casual short-term access to moorings in some of the best boating locations in the State and skippers are invited to be part of SUMS this summer.

Earlier this year another Australian first was introduced for Deckee users which continues to provide skippers with an immediate alert if they enter waters where there is information considered important to safe navigation, warnings about marine hazards, and notices about approved aquatic events. 

“The latest additions to functionality complement the huge amount of WA specific safety information already available on the app,” Mr Adams said.

Deckee is available now for free download from the App Store and Google Play Store. Visit to find out more.

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