Further increases to maximum metered taxi fares from 1 December 2022

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From 1 December 2022, on-demand booking services will be able to increase maximum taxi fares by 9.18 per cent after the State Government approved a Department of Transport (DoT) proposal to amend the Transport (Road Passenger Services) Regulations 2020.

The 9.18 per cent raise replaces the 4.5 per cent increase announced by DoT in August as an interim measure while an independent review of regulated maximum taxi fares was finalised.

The latest increase was calculated based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) figure for the Perth ‘private motoring’ sub-group. Applying this industry-appropriate CPI figure to annual fare reviews was a key recommendation from the independent review. DoT will maintain this approach to ensure fares continue to reflect the industry operating environment.

Regulations will also be amended to allow on-demand booking services to apply higher (Tariff 3) charges when a larger vehicle is requested, for example, to transport luggage or other bulky items (excluding wheelchairs). Tariff 3 charges are currently only applicable to trips where five or more passengers travel in a larger vehicle.

DoT commissioned an independent review of the way metered taxi fares are regulated in WA, after significant on-demand transport reforms were undertaken by the State Government to create a more flexible and competitive passenger transport industry. 

A range of authorised on-demand booking services in Perth and regional areas participated in the review, providing insights into the nature of their business costs and their views on regulating various fare components.

DoT will continue to engage with industry on the fare regulation model to ensure it meets the needs of on-demand booking services, drivers and the travelling public.

The final Review of Regulated Maximum Taxi Fares report, key recommendations from the report and DoT’s response to the recommendations, can be found on the DoT website at www.transport.wa.gov.au/ODBShome

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