COVID-19: Updates on Department of Transport services

Recreational boating advice

Find out about the WA Government's directions regarding recreational boating during COVID-19.

We know you love to get out on the water. If you're one of the Stateís 100,000 recreational boat owners, or simply enjoy the Stateís waterways using other craft, find out what you need to know from our frequently asked questions below.

Can I go boating?

Yes, boating is allowed, as long as the two square metre per person rule is observed on the vessel. Please view the WA State Government's directions on gatherings and social distancing

Can I go kiteboarding, windsurfing, kayaking or take out my paddle craft?

Yes, kiteboarding, windsurfing, kayaking and paddling is allowed, as long as you observe the two square metre per person rule and social distancing guidelines are followed. Please view the WA State Government's directions on gatherings and social distancing.

If I go boating what do I need to remember?

If boating with people you donít live with, the two square metre per person rule needs to be observed. Use hand sanitiser where there is any contact with shared surfaces and where possible maintain social distancing. If you are boating alone, please ensure you tell someone where you are going, check the weather and conditions and wear a lifejacket.

Should I do anything different at the launch ramp?

Please wait your turn at the ramp, ensure you practise social distancing and maintain good personal hygiene at all times.

Are there restrictions on where I can go boating?

Skippers should be aware of the current notices to mariners. State border restrictions are also in place.

Can I go to Rottnest?

Yes. Rottnest Island and its surrounding waters can now be accessed by the public. Visit the Rottnest Island website for more information.

Do charter boats need to follow the two square metre rule?

Charter vessels including boats do not need to comply with the two square metre per person rule, consistent with other transport.

However, existing regulations and hygiene practices must be followed.

Can I do maintenance on my boat at a marina?

Check with marina staff at the facility before going.

Are DoT maritime facilities open?


Will there be a pause on boat registrations?

No. We are continuing to process recreational boat registrations.


Translating and interpreting

Translation and interpreter services are available for DoT customers. For further information about COVID in languages other than English, visit COVID-19 coronavirus: Advice in other languages.


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